Is the bike available for purchase?
Not yet. But will be very soon. Meanwhile, please consider pre-booking it in order to reserve your spot.
How economical is it to buy an electric bike?
Good electric vehicles tend to be expensive upfront. Bad ones are expensive in the long run. We are competitive with petrol on initial cost and 10x cheaper than petrol vehicles in running cost.
Is it a budget bike?
You could call it one, if you take into account the extremely low running cost of 0.10-0.15 rupees/km.
Is the app available in IOS or just android ?
The companion app will be available on both iOS and Android.
Do we need a subscription?
The vehicle and its associated hardware come with NO compulsory subscription or restrictions. A subscription will be required, however, for some smart services such as real-time navigation, remote support, telemetry etc. The core functionality of the vehicle will not be affected if you opt-out of a subscription.
Why do you charge for a subscription?
The cost of the subscription goes towards 4G data link, navigation queries, database and server charges, which are out of our hands. By not including the lifetime cost of these services in your upfront vehicle purchase, we allow you the option to save money based on your requirement.
How long does it take to charge?
It depends. The supplied home charger will charge a single battery in 3.5 hours. An optional high-power home charger will reduce this to 1.5 hours. A commercial DC fast charge station will charge it fully in about an hour.
Where can I find the charging stations?
You should soon be able to find charging stations close to your home or office. Over 2600+ public DC fast charge stations are to be installed in India over the next year.
Can we use public charging stations?
Yes, absolutely. Surge is compatible with the Bharat DC-001 charging standard used in the 2600+ DC fast charge stations coming up.
Can the bike be charged using a "normal" plug at home?
Yes. The bike can be charged from any 5A socket at home (provided the internal wiring of the home/office is proper and the vehicle is the only load on the circuit). For safety, we strongly recommend plugging into a 15A socket instead.
How can we put 3 batteries in the vehicle? Internal or external?
We can fit all 3 batteries internally.
Can I use 3 batteries at a time?
Yes, absolutely. Not only can we use them together when discharging, i.e. running the motorcycle; we can also use them simultaneously while charging. Imagine adding 300km of range over an hour from one of the 2600+ DC fast charge stations nearest to you.
Do I need more than one battery to get better performance?
No. You can achieve the full performance of the bike even with one battery installed.
What is the advantage of having 2 or 3 batteries?
Flexibility. For daily riding, a second battery means having one always available for the impulsive long rides you may want to take.
How easy is it to get the batteries changed?
A healthy person can change batteries in less than 30 seconds. We have worked hard to make the process simple and manageable.
Do harsh climatic conditions affect the bike's performance?
Not much. Like petrol bikes, you might see some drop in sustained performance during very hot days. Unlike petrol bikes, there will be no difference in performance at altitude.
What are different drive modes?
Drive modes set the acceleration and power level of the motorcycle. This directly affects the range and performance of the vehicle. Distance bias mode gives a longer range/charge at the expense of some performance. Use performance bias mode for more excitement at the expense of some range.
How is it different from other electric bikes available in market?
Very different. For starters, we are the only geared electric vehicle in the country and one of a handful in the world. Take a look at the full specs here.
How does the gear system work in an electric bike?
In a similar way as a petrol bike, but better. You can start in any gear and leave it any gear. No problem.
Does the battery or the motor faces any over-heating issue?
No. We put in a lot of effort in designing the vehicle correctly and use high quality components. Over-heating doesn’t occur. Additionally, we also monitor battery and motor temperature as well as 16 other discrete parameters to ensure your vehicle and its components are always in the peak of health.
Is it safe to ride in the monsoon? Will the bike get damaged?
It is totally safe to ride in the monsoon, both for you and your motorcycle. The battery is waterproof with an IP67 rating as is the Motor and motor controller. All other sensitive electronics are high up in the bike and in their own water tight enclosures, protecting them from water damage including flooding.
Where can I give my bike for servicing?
At any of the service stations that will be coming to your city soon.
Does it need maintenance?
Any machine needs maintenance. Surge does too, but not much. There no frequent oil changes, filter changes or other messy maintenance requirements.